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Nail Diseases



Onychomycosis is a fungal infection that affects the nails, mainly those of the feet.

It is a pathology that usually becomes chronic due to the lack of consultation and the use of home treatments without response.

Its treatment is of utmost importance to avoid complications and even preserve the aesthetic characteristics of the nail.



It is the medical name for the flaking of the distal part of the nail.

It is a very frequent consultation.

Its causes are several, but among the most important is the excessive filing of the nails.

melanoma ungeal.jpg


It is the presence of a brown stain on the skin under the nail.

The importance of its correct examination is to differentiate it from nail melanoma, a rare but very aggressive type of skin cancer.



Whitish lesions that appear on the nail.

It is usually associated with a lack of calcium, which is incorrect, since this element is not present in the composition of the nails.


Its causes are varied, but the most frequent is constant trauma of the nails.

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